Leadership at Lunch

The Leadership at Lunch series focuses on current events in Bloomington and Monroe County. In these conversations, we will explore how our community is responding to such events and its impact on our local economy, education, and childcare. We will also address the long-term consequences for our community’s development, leadership, resilience, and more.

Whether you are new to the community or looking for a deeper dive into local current events, this lunchtime series will provide valuable insights, a broader perspective, and an expanded network of people and resources.

Developed by the LBMC alumni board, this series is open to all via Zoom. We hope you will join the conversation.

Leadership at Lunch Schedule

Sept. 17, 11:30 a.m.–1 p.m.

“A Historical Perspective on Racism in Our Community”

Hosted by Jennifer Borland, LBMC alumni board member and president of the Monroe County Historical Society and the board of the Monroe County History Center.

Presentations by:

  • Betty Bridgwaters, Monroe County History Center board member and Monroe County Historical Society trustee
  • Susan Dyar, Monroe County History Center director
  • Glenda Murray, Monroe County historian

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