Leadership Bloomington–Monroe County (LBMC) builds a stronger community by identifying a diverse cross-section of local, emerging leaders and preparing them for roles in shaping our future. Each year, professionals who are broadly representative of Bloomington and Monroe County prepare for greater involvement in community life. To date, more than 900 local leaders have graduated from LBMC.

Since 1984, LBMC has offered a seven-month, in-person program now called Leadership Education and Development (LEAD), which is designed to develop a multiplicity of skills in the community and workplace. This year, we’re introducing a second program: Leadership at Lunch.

Leadership at Lunch is a noontime series of virtual conversations that focuses on current events in Bloomington and Monroe County. In the fall of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic, along with racial justice and the national political landscape permeate nearly every conversation. With these themes in mind, we will explore how our community is responding to these issues: the effects on our local economy, education, and childcare; how these issues have affected our community’s evolution, leadership, and resilience; and other related topics.