The mission of the LBMC Alumni Association is to enrich the LBMC program and to provide for continued community involvement of those who complete the LBMC program.


The vision of the LBMC Alumni Association is to create engaged alumni and a strong community.

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We encourage our alumni to pay annual dues of $25 a year to support scholarships for our LEAD participants. Each year, without scholarship assistance, a few members of our class would be unable to participate. Sometimes, our alumni want to go above and beyond dues, and provide an additional donation to LBMC to support scholarships.

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“LBMC was the best long-term professional networking opportunity I’ve encountered throughout my career. It’s a bonding experience like no other.”—Liz Feitl

“LBMC not only introduced me to more people in our community, but it also helped me understand it better and learn how different sectors work together within it. Our group project was to promote more citizens becoming involved in local government boards and commissions (“Get on Board”), and it showed us that civic engagement is a necessary piece of leadership development. More than 10 years later, I still look back and very much value the experience.”—John Zody

“Being a part of LBMC was tremendously important to my eventual involvement in volunteer roles on numerous boards and committees. It was such an impactful learning experience. Although I am a native of Bloomington/Monroe County, it opened my eyes to the depth of so many elements of the broader community. I resoundingly recommend the program.”—Debbie Lemon

“I participated in the LBMC program as part of the 2015–2016 cohort, when I was still new to the Bloomington community. The program allowed me to network, learn more about the community, and develop skills that have assisted me tremendously in my career.”—Brandon Boyd


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